Vista Cooties

I’m not sure if this is a :whine: or a justifiable :whatthe: type deal, but ever since this latest Vista update, my security settings have gone utterly guano.

Right now, I can’t even comment on my own dang blog. I can post, but not comment. So I am throwing myself an itty-bitty pity party until I can figure out which firewall or whatever other unholy writ of binary-badassery is causing this. :tpoccy:

Anyway, yes, I take full blame for the sniglets. You know you’ve been staring at the same plot hole too long when words fracture into phonic–and bastardizable–components.

You can have no idea how I annoyed I was to find metaphornication did not pass the google originality test. A few others didn’t, either, (guy-alogue, deleteful, keyboreding and promotion sickness) but since the meanings were utterly different, I gave myself a break and posted them anyhow.

All right. Enough whining from me. Sorry I didn’t make the rounds today. Hopefully I’ll get this figured out before long. For now, that :gowrite: smiley’s guilting me into submission.


4 Responses

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your Vista woes. We bought my MIL a computer and it had Vista on it. We actually had to return it because she couldn’t use the damn thing and the store didn’t sell XP anymore. :wtf:

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Vista can’t be a bad thing if it’s preventing you from procrastinating and guilting you into writing.

    :gowrite: :gowrite:

    I should write. Need to write. But I just watched POTC3 two nights in a row and can’t get a certain shot of a certain pirate outta me head. :popcorn:
    Funny, it should inspire me. Really. But it doesn’t. and I’m really upset there are no pictures of that particular scene on the web. :banghead:

  3. :whine:
    Take me with you next time

  4. OMG! I can comment now! :rofl2:

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