Thursday Thirteen #13

Thirteen Writing Sniglets

  1. grammurder Whodunnit? Youdunnit. Idunnit, too.
  2. ginopsis Distilled locally.
  3. guy-alogue Making guys say something on the page when normally, they’d just grunt.
  4. uptitle Like Jaci, when you have to come up with a title instantly.
  5. drafterburners Writing your ass off to meet a deadline, like Rae.
  6. dangling partinipples Anatomically impossible acts performed by third arms, second mouths, etc.
  7. hasphyxiation Killing me softly with this word… Killing me softly… with this word…
  8. aiding and abeditting In light of recent blogwars, this offense should be a felony.
  9. promotion sickness Do they make a patch for this?
  10. paranormalgraph It keeps on going long after it should be dead.
  11. deleteful Yes, thank you, I had a deleteful time writing last night. :banghead:
  12. literarian nation The “romance is not worthy” collective. Don’t hate.
  13. keyboreding skills A vital part of any writer’s professional arsenal; the ability to appear busy when you’re really blogsurfing.

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

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22 Responses

  1. paranormalgraph
    Heehee, this is my favourite. Also deleteful.

  2. LOVE those: where’d you come up with them? Really dead-on right.

    Happy TT, darling! I’m glad you visited West of Mars today.

  3. Priceless. lol

  4. OMG! *lol* I’ll have to add these to my vocabulary.

  5. Lol!! Love these… It seems I can’t stop doing 11 , aaaaaargh!!

  6. Bwhahaha! You’re pretty funny yourself, girl. Maybe we should start a mutual admiration society. 🙂 Thanks for visiting me.

  7. Deletful. Good one. lgp

  8. I love #12!

  9. I so wish I could uptitle. For me that is the hardest part of writing! And deletful – so true. :notwrthy:

  10. Oh, these are fun! #6 cracks me up.

  11. I love your sniglets! What a fun list. #5, 6, and 10 made me LMAO!

    Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog!

  12. LOL, too funny! But a very interesting vocabulary, I love it!

  13. #1 drives me up the wall…sorry my name is twice, I forgot to link my site to your page:)

  14. LOL! Love those words, and the fact that Emmatyville is the name of your blog LOL!

  15. Seriously – did you make these up? Cause they are good. Really good!

  16. LMAO. I came over here to test post since I saw your plea for help and ending up sitting here giggling, as per usual.

    I’m having trouble getting into other sites, FWIW

  17. *Grunt* 😉

    Actually I’m spending a lot of time writing descriptions of my character’s grunts rather than resorting to guy-alogue. I’m hoping to express their character through the descriptions. Maybe eventually I’ll do an entire scene where all the characters do is raise eyebrows and make descriptive noises…

  18. These are all great, but I love #3! LOL

    Thanks for visiting my list. 🙂

  19. Love all of these – but can especially relate to # 13 as I spent most of today responding to the various TT posts.

    Thanks for visiting my site. So glad you enjoyed the photos. Have a great long weekend, XINE

  20. So glad you dropped by my blog (I added you to my Google Reader). I really like your blog and I agree with all your sniglets, Emma. Which reminds me. I should :gowrite: right now :freak:

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