Smiley Wars, Episode XXl: Revenge of the Bandwidth

By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed I have a um…slight fondness for smilies. I can’t help myself. It’s an addiction, yet I know the comment section often takes too long to load.

So I’m having this conversation last night, and I’m snivelling because I’m tired of searching for the smilies I want. And the person I’m talking to — who shall remain anonymous (for now) — said, “Well then make your own dang smilies.”

I was bored. I didn’t want to work anymore. I was looking to procrastinate, so making my own dang smilies sounded like a pretty good idea.

NOTE: Many, many smilies were harmed (and deleted) in the making of this blogpost.

Here are my feeble creations:

  • :bic-hok: No writer should be without one’a these. :notwrthy:
  • :whatthe: Pretty much always appropriate for me.
  • :anden: Oh yes, yes I did.
  • :help!: I’d call this the clue key but Miss Snark might shoot me.
  • :omg: I hated the sign one.
  • :dunno: This is my answer for almost every question.
  • :gmc: Envy me, for I am a smilie-carrying Debra Dixon fangirl.
  • This one’s for Shannon and Mel
  • :goread: I hope to say this a lot soon.
  • :gowrite: I’m sure I’ll hear this a lot soon, too.
  • :whine: I’m a writer. It’s needed.
  • 😳 So’s this one.
  • :doh: And this one, no doubt.

God help us all when I learn to make actual smilies.

Oh, and just so you know, Shannon cannot have this one:

And Melani may not have this one:

Nor this:

And Mandy may never, ever have THIS one, either.

I’m sorry. I just couldn’t help it:

…and just when you thought it was over, something goes so horribly, divinely wrong…

But I get a do-over because it’s my blog:

Ms. Lucia, whose blog hates me… Remember this?

And when all else fails…

But just in case:


Any suggestions for more writing-related ones?


8 Responses

  1. :yeyas: These are great! I sooooooooo want one!

  2. What do you MEAN I can’t have that one? :melani: mine (I hope that worked)

    :gowrite: :gowrite: :gowrite: :gowrite: :gowrite: :gowrite: :gowrite: :gowrite: :gowrite: :gowrite: :gowrite:

  3. dagnabit.

    :omg: 😳 :help!: :banghead: :doh: :whine:

  4. I so need to put you in charge of the smileys on my blog.


    Um, but you should :gowrite:

  5. :dunno:

  6. :omg: :thanks:


  7. Do you have one for a dork alert?

  8. :rofl2: @ Rae did it.

    Chances are, I probably did!

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