To Meme or Not To Meme

I’m sorry, Meg. I really did want to do the meme today, but I’m trying to get my betasite ready to go live. If you’re curious as to why I’m dumping my old temp, go view the source code on my FAQ page. That should explain everything.

Anyway, Viagra may be needed to get the betasite up. I’m tired after 10k words on Tuesday, and fixing links, transferring files, and bug checking may be a bit too exacting for me me today.

Meanwhile, I’ve got more writing to do. My self-imposed deadline on the next book is creeping up fast.

:yakyak: Yeah. I’m so tired I’m babbling.

I’ll leave you with Tuesday’s typo of the day [ripped from WIP]:

Lily gave him a little shoe.
edited: Lily gave him a little shove.

EDIT: I lied. The betasite just went up, albeit not altogether finished.:supah:


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