It’s about to get worse…

No I’m not talking about this week’s entertainment extraordinaire. I’m talking about my lax blogging of late. Sorry, but ornery stories and my own personal credo — never miss an opportunity to shut up — have kept me indisposed.

And now… it’s about to get worse. Music was my first love, and I finally got the pretty red Samsung MP3 player I wanted.

My poor family. They get to listen to me yowling without the stereo drowning out the worst of it. And that’s okay when Stevie Ray Vaughan’s on, but Stryper? Ow. Run for the hills, man. (which is on here somewhere, too. I love Iron Maiden)

I’m sure my neighbors will call the police when shuffle brings us to the Queensryche. Or the Dream Theater. Or the Damn Yankees. Or… well, maybe it’s time to fall back on the credo. And I’ll do that right after this Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir song.

In the meantime, someone please tell me how long the MP3 player honeymoon generally lasts.


3 Responses

  1. I just got my first Ipod. Old people like me should not bellow out Greenday songs. It’s not pretty. :loser:

  2. Bad news. I’ve had mine over a year and … still addicted.


    Woman, have I got bands for YOU. Our tastes are similar.

    (btw, it’s Run TO the Hills, not for) *wink*

  3. Somehow, I could see the three of us getting into a great deal of trouble at a conference. :madcow:

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