Where’s My Popcorn?

In case you’ve been living beneath a rock these last few days, let me give you the heads up:

Karen’s Blog The Shot Heard ‘Round The Convention
Dear Author Exhibit A
Dear Author Exhibit B
Dear Author Exhibit C

Shit this is entertaining. :drama: Someone should be selling tickets.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting up here, hiding guiltily in my grassy knoll because I’ve got too much work to do.

But let the evidence listed above stand in testimony to the reason I left RWA and several other professional organizations. It wasn’t because of individuals, it wasn’t because I didn’t like what they did or stood for, it was because I don’t like the taste of the bullshit women spoon-feed each other in the interests of being nice a/o ‘playing along’ when there’s really nothing nice about it, no one’s really playing along, and no one dares say what they’re thinking, even when it’s the truth.

This is business, not a tea party. I consider it my job to care what the reader thinks. Everyone else? Not so much, which is why I normally hide under my big shiny rock (or ignore it altogether) when this sort of debate erupts.

But this time…

Follow the links. Enjoy the genesis of change. I’ll go make more popcorn.


One Response

  1. OMG, did you just hit on what I’m feeling, and I haven’t even clicked on the links yet! And what perfect timing; I’m really feeling it today.

    I feel less alone and miserable now. Thanks!

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