Things I learned This Weekend

    1. My kids + their cousins + oreos = very bad things. Very loud, very hyper, very irritating bad things. I love them all dearly but oh. my. God.

    2. It’s much more fun to edit other peoples’ stuff than work on my own.

    3. Cats can and will find a way through blinds to get as close as possible to an open window.

    4. Cats prefer the middle of the night for their blind-busting, open window pleasures.

    5. And speaking of open windows, when you hear the words, “Mooooooooom, [child #2’s name] was climbing out the living room and fell,” you should pay attention. And investigate quickly instead of finishing that paragraph first.

2 Responses

  1. LOL My kids are the same way. And they wonder why we limit their sugar intake. :hemi:

  2. :flowers: Just because.

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