Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Songs from the Current WIP’s Soundtrack

    I need silence while writing, but here’s the mood music that drops me into the story:

    1. In The Air Tonight, Phil Collins: This song is what it’s all about.

    2. We Are Family, The Sisters Sledge: If I’m lucky enough to get this one published, you will understand why it’s so very, very wrong that I tacked this song into the soundtrack.

    3. Best of You, the Foo Fighters: Absolutely love this song, and what it says.

    4. Heartsick, No Vacancy, from the School Of Rock soundtrack: I need an occasional reminder that this is a redemption story and I will eventually have to stop torturing characters.

    5. I Don’t Believe In Love, Queensryche: Mmm Geoff Tate’s voice. Das Uber-angsty.

    6. Jailbreak, Thin Lizzy: A little attitude music, si vous plaise. Plus the very beginning wakes me up when sleepy.

    7. Photograph, Def Leppard: Viewed from a certain perspective, this song takes a stalk on the wild side. Therefore, it made the cut.

    8. Every Breath You Take, The Police: The quintessential attachment disorder song. Not quite erotomanic enough to suit me, but close enough. Please do rethink having this sung at your wedding. Seriously.

    9. Run Like Hell, Pink Floyd: I just like songs with swear words in the title. (kidding)

    10. You Really Got Me, Van Halen: Yes, yes I am a child of the 80s.

    11. Red Right Hand, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Nice strolly, spooky song.

    12. We Will Find A Way, Oleta Adams and Brenda Russell: The lyrics are perfect. Not much more can be said.

    13. Try A Little Tenderness, The Commitments version: The Commitments should be on every playlist everywhere.

Not a rollerskate in sight. Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

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12 Responses

  1. I’ve actually heard five of those. :flex:

    Okay, what’s with the :pigfly: Oooooh, never mind. It just came up as “pigfly” in the coding. I thought it was a flying, pink My Pretty Pony and was I was worried about you.


  2. lol Are you saying I’m not the My Little Pony type?


    Okay, yeah, I’m not.

  3. uh-oh…now i have “we are family, all my sistahs and me…” running through my head.

  4. Wow! I’ve heard 11 of them. And I’ve seen #6 in concert… when it was new, and Thin Lizzy was an opening act for Queen. I’m really, really dating myself here, aren’t I?

  5. I only know no. 2 and 8 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Emma!

  6. Whenever I hit that “what to play” spot, it’s the Committments soundtrack.

  7. Hey, even though I’m more of a classic-country fan, you have one listed that I really like… “Every Breath You Take”. Great song.

  8. Mmmmmm. Queensryche. I used to BLAST I Don’t Believe in Love over and over again. Man, that’s one potent song.

    Not that the rest of your list doesn’t rock. It totally does, and my son’ll be glad to see the Foo Fighters on there; he loved that song so much that when he learned to tie his shoes, I bought him the CD.

    Happy TT!

  9. I love The Best of You. There is something so intense about it that I love. And Every Breath You Take is creepy awesome. Great list!

  10. Have never heard of Red Right Hand, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. I LOVE the first song. Hate the Police song–they played it ova and ova and ova. It makes my ears bleed and I automatically turn the radio station.

    If it’s an 80s hairband in your list, chances are I adore them.

    Can’t wait to read this one.

  11. Oh. Oh. A redemption story and attachment disorder to the tune of Every Breath You Take? :love:

  12. I knew there had to be a Queensryche in there somewhere, Myndcrym.

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