Houston, We Have A Party

It’s that time — all those lucky people are gone to RT. The rest of us are home alone, acting up at the Samhain Cafe.

Come on over. Read excerpts and win stuff. There’s even rumors of Mimosas.


15 Responses

  1. Hey Emma! Great sharing the morning with you guys at the SamCafe! I know how you’re feeling… I had to stay home too… *sigh* And they’re having so much fun… Well… We’ll just have to have MORE fun then they are! :tease:

  2. Darn right.

    I’m so jealous :tongue:

  3. It is tough but I have been having fun reading all the great excerpts. I enjoyed reading the blurb and the excerpt for The Living Legen. Sounds really good! Thanks for the great contest!

  4. I can attest to the mimosas and great excerpts. 🙂

  5. :pigfly:

  6. oops did it wrong told u i was bad at this LOL

  7. Hi Emma. The party at the Samhaim Cafe is rockin! Enjoyed reading the excerpt for The Living Legend. :yeyas:

  8. And a great party it is too, loads of excerpts and contests. Now if only RT decided to come over to the UK one year, I’d be really content

  9. Sounds like they’re having a blast…! Wish we could be there…

  10. Wish I was at RT but the offer of Mimosas at the Samhain group is a good distraction.

  11. I’m just getting around to reading my email and OMG! Samhain is kickn’ butt today!! Gotta say I’, enjoying it and am glad everyone is taking care of those that can’t attend Houston–THANKS!

  12. I enjoyed the excerpt you posted on Samhaincafe very much. Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. Sorry I missed you. I’m just catching up on all the posts now. I loved the excerpt on The Living Legend. I’m a big fan of suspense stories. Great dialog!

  14. Das child has spoken… #7 wins!

    Shelly, that means you :cheer:

    Off to post this at the cafe as well but if you read it here, all I need is your name and e-mail address. Go ahead and send it to me at emmawporter@yahoo.com, k?


  15. woohoo, thank you very much. I’ll email you now. :woot:

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