Buffalo Bill and that one song I gotta listen to…

The (that’s teh for us gooder typists) office move saga continues…

El jeffe comes upstairs to my new office and says, “Honey, you gotta listen to this one song.” Then he leaves the room, snickering a little.

So, he sends it up to me (ethernet wrawks) and I quite unsuspectingly open this file called “Brand New Key”, thinking it was some new song he liked.

But no. This is not a new song. This is an old song. You know the one where that woman in this total stoner voice is singing, “Iiiii got a brand new pair of roller skates”

Yes, that one that sticks in your head for all eternity and sounds like it’s playing on the ice cream truck from hell.


Why oh why do I listen to him?


2 Responses

  1. oooohhh thank you soo much – now it’s playing in MY head. eeek! :ninja:

  2. LOL! I always get the Bannaphone song stuck in my head. That’s how I can tell I’m stressed…

    Aaaaa…ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring…Banana Phone!


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