Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen Things I Did This Week Instead of Planning a TT Topic
Why do I never think about this until the last possible second? Here’s what I wasted my time doing:

    1. I voted. Did you? :yoduh:

    2. I wrote. :faint: Shocker.

    3. I read. Kathy Reich’s Cross Bones and Steve Berry’s The Templar Legacy. Okay, and Betty Neels’s Wish With The Candles too, but that one shouldn’t count. :binky:

    4. I attended a first-grade program. My son definitively proved his maternity by grilling an actor portraying Abraham Lincoln on multiple POV breaks. :noid:

    5. I narrowly escaped a nervous breakdown during a CSS session. Narrowly. Thank you, Brian, for teaching me the joy of clear:both; :freak:

    6. I took a little trip to my parents’ house. :kickbutt: Referenced here.

    7. I came to an understanding with my current heroine: Write now, b*tch later. See how reasonable I can be? :sneer:

    8. I shopped. How is it that one cold lunch for one simple field trip can cost thirty dollars? Answer: Take two children with you to the store. :pwnt:

    9. I ran cat triage. The babies had a distemper relapse after their last vet trip. Not fun. :console:

    10. I… What’s it called again when you recline in that…thing with the blankets and soft, fluffy rectangular thingamabobs? You’re supposed to close your eyes or something like that. Yeah. I’m drawing a blank, here. If you can think up the word, do share. :bored:

    11. I watched American Idol. I hoped, he left, we’ve conquered. :flex: I think that’s whini, wimpi, winni in Latin.

    12. I sneezed. Allergies suck. :tissue:

    13. I ate Girl Scout Cookies. Thin Mints are the bomb :cheer:

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

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4 Responses

  1. you have thin mints left?!?? my boys ate them all before i could get any.
    trying to figure number 10 out – it has me cracking up because i can’t figure out what a fluffy rectangular thingamabob is. snickering…..

  2. We get the mint cookies in the fall and the regular ones in the spring. I miss the mint cookies… :lurve:

    I haven’t written much this week, but I did a lot of editing. I’m glad to have had the time, but I really want to start a new story. Or finish my Halloween story…

  3. I can relate to #8. Kids are expensive!!

  4. I feel better for still having Thin Mints in the house… might go have one now, in fact. That’ll hold me until dinner… yeah. Sure. *wink*

    I have school play tomorrow; can’t wait! 😀

    Happy TT!

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