If You Go Out In The Woods Today…

Highlights of my weekend:

    1. An event: Five hours in the car with three children.

    2. A chorus: Everybody sing along. “Over the pheasants and through the hood, to Grandmother’s house we go”

    3. A ruling: Because roadkill does not really have Xs for eyes as seen in cartoons, roadside casualties cannot, in fact, count as X in the roadsign alphabet game.

    4. A new, well-learned safety tip: Nearly colliding with one pheasant is unfortunate. Nearly colliding with a second pheasant an hour later is a coincidence. Almost smucking a third ten miles later is a conspiracy, and if you scream, “CONSPIRASEEEEEEE” loudly enough with an open car window, the pheasants will hear you and abruptly run back toward the ditch.

    5. A discovery: Make a twelve-year-old laugh after they’ve choked on soda a few times already, eventually they will throw up. In the car.



7 Responses

  1. Such are the moments we will cherish in our old age; the smell of coke throw up and pheasant under glass.
    What more can we ask for?

  2. Ah memories. I’d rather hit a pheasant than a deer. I’ve done that and its scaaary! :yield:

  3. Don’t listen to The Blameless One. I’m sure this is all somehow her fault.

    And we have a separate theme for the Deer Street Dance lol. I’ve never hit one, thank God, but come close. The scariest one by far was the time a Bald Eagle drafted my tiny little Honda. Still freaks me out just to think about how big those things really are and how close we came to hitting the darn thing. :feint:

  4. I’ll have you know, this is soo not my fault. We both know who would be to blame if you hit that pheasant. And btw, I have a really good recipe for roasted pheasant a la manifold. You can have your lunch and eat it too.

  5. :popcorn: I’d love to be a non roadkill critter on the wall or in this case on the back of the car watching your life unfold before my eyes. Then, I could say, Only YOU. :rofl:

    I came to an almost complete stop today because a little squirrel couldn’t decide which way he wanted to go. I refused to hear the buh-bump under my wheel. :drama:

    Thanks for all of your help tonight. :worthy:

  6. :rofl: I’m going on a trip with you. Sounds fun. :popcorn:

  7. Mandy, you gotta come right past my house on the way to Emma’s, so be sure to pick me up. I wanna witness this. seriously.

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