Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Things I Like About Star Wars
I could say I’m embracing my inner geek, but I’m not. I’m pretty much all geek, inside and out.

    1. Leia wasn’t a wuss. Could you imagine if she had been? Ugh.

    2. In Episode III, when R2D2 finally shows he’s the true hero of the series. Poor :r2: Everyone’s forever going on about Anakin and Luke, when R2 quietly went about saving them all repeatedly.

    3. In Episode V, the sound Chewie makes when Han’s frozen in carbonite. I don’t know if like is the right word, but I find it interesting a totally foreign sound could break my heart. :browup:

    4. Lucas had to rewrite the script (re. ObiWon and the Death Star) :rofl: Okay, this may not be funny or even interesting to you, but it makes me feel better in a perverse sort of way.
    5. If only I could have a scrolling text at the beginning of a book to so clearly define good from bad.

    6. QuiGon Jinn Best Jedi ever. :supah:

    7. One of my son makes me jetpacks from construction paper. I gotta love any story that will inspire that much imagination and cuteness.

    8. Trying to explain the chronology to the kids. It may not be fun, but they sure do have some interesting itnerpretations.

    9. Light Sabers I’m not even a guy and I love those things.

    10. The rancor beast trainer crying after Luke squashes its melon. I don’t know why I find this intriguing, but… Well, too bad about that Twi’ lek dancer.

    11. The soundtrack Go John Williams. :worthy:

    12. Like it, I do. :yoduh:

    13. Tupperware armor :troopah:

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8 Responses

  1. No geek here. I never could get into Star Wars.

  2. I’ve been hooked on Star Wars since I was five. It’s great that I can share my love of it with my girls now too. :yoduh:

    I love the look on Luke’s face when DV tells him he’s his father. That look said so much.

  3. QuiGon? Woman, back away from the crack. Darth Goat w/ Bad Halloween Face Paint kicked his ass.

    Anakin was the best Jedi ever, and if they’d given him a little respect he wouldn’t have to go all Sith Lord and kill all their asses.

    And the boys and I like to act out how other characters would have broken the news to Luke if they’d been his father. Our favorite is JarJar: Me-sa You-sa Fa-thah.

  4. Oh, and one of my prized possessions—my mom got me a poster that has Darth Vader looking all bad-ass and doing the chokehold gesture with the big caption “Who’s Your Daddy?”

  5. I have to laugh about #8–in this house, it would more likely be the other way around, even though before episode 1 came out, I was the one explaining. Sheesh.

    I’m with you on #7, though–my kids have developed seriously complex games, stories, comic strips, Lego creations, and sundry artwork loosely based on Star Wars.

  6. Cute list. I love the first two Star Wars movies, but the others not so much. I have a short attention span and get bored way too easily. 🙂

  7. I was young enough when the first Star Wars movie came out that Leia was a real role model for me. I mean, she kicked ass! People listened to her! And she could shoot!

    How can you NOT want to be her? Just… with better hair. *wink*

    Happy TT, Emma!

  8. Woo hoo fellow geeks! :cheer:

    Time out for Shan, though. If it weren’t for QuiGon, there would BE no Anakin. So ha!

    Best fighter ever though was Darth Maul.

    And I really don’t love you for mentioning the possibility of a Darth Goat. That could give a girl nightmares.

    Off to reciprocate the visits in a bit. Man, what a day.

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