Things I learned this weekend

    1. Most so-called experts either do not have, do not understand, or may in fact have never met a child a/o cat.

    2. Amazon’s tracking function only becomes ‘unavailable at this time’ when I actually care when something will arrive.

    3. Insomnia only strikes those who have to get up early.

    4. Mother Nature does not own a calendar.

    5. Accidentally calling your child by the cat’s name (especially when the cat’s name is Booger) will have consequences.

2 Responses

  1. LOL Emma! All of these things have happened to me, though not all this weekend. Except calling my kids by my cat’s name. They would just ignore me.

  2. It’s sad because I used to be so incensed when my Dad would accidentally call me Peanut.

    Now I’m doing it to my own kids. Go figure, eh?

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