Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen Things I’ve Obsessed About This Week
Someone had this meme going earlier in the week, and had a hard time coming up with five. *snort* Me? Obsess much? Well…yeah.

    1. De-clawing the cats: Thanks to an editor who shall, for now, remain nameless, I was having recurring obsessive fits over this issue. I’ve taken the babies in for spaying and neutering this morning, but I did chicken out on the de-clawing part. Someone check my six and make sure my feathers are securely tucked in.

    2. Co-mingling of fork types: This is an ongoing issue. The rest of the house can look like a tornado’s recently been through, but God help us all should the salad and dinner forks be combined in their drawer slot.

    3. Thursday Thirteen topics: Only fitting I should include this, right? Not only the topic itself, but how many times I should mis-type the ending of my URL as /glob, /blob, or /glog into the widget during my massive TT Trolling session afterwards.

    4. Why is it so quiet upstairs?: Our children are 12, 9, and 7 years old. When it’s quiet upstairs (ie, when they’re not fighting), I get frightened.

    5. Along those same lines, Why is the youngest up there yelling, “Behold the poop stains!”: Feeling compelled to investigate this one post haste, I ran up to find he’d been eating KitKats and had chocolate on his fingers. I’m sure you can imagine my relief.

    6. When will Sanjaya go home?: Or more importantly, why do I even care about American Idol? Yes, I do realize I fell hard for the emotional bondage inflicted upon us during the auditions episodes, but still.

    7. Plot issues: “It’s too depressing.” “There’s too little joy.” “It’s too boring.” Too much backstory. Too much exposition required. Too…much obsessing and not enough writing.

    8. Why do I live here?: Two weeks ago in Minnesota, it was 80 degrees. Two days ago, we had a nasty blizzard. A few months from now, the mosquitoes will be in full force. I love it here, but I really can’t think why.

    9. What did happen to the man they called DB Cooper?: I admit it. I’ve been watching Without A Paddle again. But come on. The stories about this guy are fascinating, and it kills me not to know who he really was, what really went on, and what happened to him.

    10. What to do with all these books?: I’ve been on a buying binge again. But why is it, when I’m in the store stroking their pretty covers, do I never take into consideration a shoe horn’s required to add anything to my bookshelves? And no, I’m not giving them away. My preeeeshussss.

    11. When will Bioware or Lucas Arts fix the open source GL issue so I can play Knights of the Old Republic on this computer?: Just… It’s better not to ask. :pwnjoo:

    12. Just how, exactly, did Brian fix that header image link anyhow?: Try as I might, I cannot fit php into my braincell. I’m afraid the shoe horn’s no use, here.

    13. Is it possible we’ve been wrong all these years and it’s really ‘villaid’, rather than ‘villain’?: I’m only kidding. Well, mostly.

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14 Responses

  1. LOL! Oh, these are wonderful. I admit to obsessing about quite a few of them myself. I was lucky in that our cat was a gift (consolation prize) to our daughter when our older son was born, and thus came to us already declawed, so I never had to make the decision.

    Nobody here would dream of mixing fork sizes in the drawer–they say it’s because they’re scared of me, which I don’t understand at all. I’m the calm, sweet, even-tempered parent. Really.

    And boy, do I relate to #3. Which is pretty obvious from my TT this week.

  2. “Why is it so quiet upstairs?: Our children are 12, 9, and 7 years old. When it’s quiet upstairs (ie, when they’re not fighting), I get frightened.”

    oh, I know that feelings. The minute its quiet here I assume mine (ages 12, 8 and 6) are getting ready to burn the house down.

  3. I obsessed over the cat declawing issue too, but the little boogers pushed me into it when they tore up my couch with their nails. Both cats recovered quickly and do not seem to hate me for the procedure, so its all good.
    I’m with you. Its never good when the children get quiet. That’s scary stuff!

  4. Forks…they’re different, they go in different sections, not so difficult, and yet there are those [including my cutie] who will mix them up just to mess me UP! As for plot issues!?! Sigh, bane of my life.

    If there were any left, I’d share some thin mints – okay, most likely just one…they’re THIN MINTS!

  5. Oh, I’d really rather not think about plots right now. I have one falling down around my ears. 😦

    As for quiet, yeah that scares me. Ours are 11, 10, and 6. I know I’m in trouble when I can’t hear the fighting!

  6. Loved your list. Yes, I agree with #6….this is getting really out of control….we all know he cant sing!! I dont care how cute he is…

  7. umm…were the forks okay, sweetie? LOL, That is a strange obsession to have. I guess everyone’s got to have at least one.

  8. Forks can’t co-mingled? Oh no! *runs to frantically check her silverware drawer*

  9. My precioussssssssssssssss 😉

  10. I have way too many books to fit on my shelves too. I’ve been trying to get my father and grandfather to build wall to wall bookshelves in my spare room… So far, no luck.

  11. No sweat if you don’t get the cats declawed. Mine aren’t; I just cut their nails every now and then (it used to be weekly before we had kids). They get used to it and your furniture lasts longer.

    Or it did when they were younger. Now that they’re older, they’ve developed this strange need…

    Happy TT!

  12. I’m so with you on #10. I even have my amazon cart full just debating on when I want to put the order through. *sigh* And who are these strange people who can give away a book? lol

  13. LOL at #10. Whenever I go to Costco, I come home with a trough full! NO ROOM on any bookshelf.
    And this weather? (I’m in Toronto) Meh! BBQing in a t-shirt last week, bikes are out, and now this white sh#% coming down. GRRRRR

  14. What to do with the books…yeah – i’m with you on that one. They’re teetering in their piles.

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