**Jaws Theme**

Duuuuuuuh nuh
Duuuuuuuh nuh
Duh nuh dun dun Duh nuh dun dun
Duh na daaaaaaah

Something wicked complicated this way comes… :cheer:

Yes I’m super busy this week, forgive the short posts. I’m saving myself for Thursday and Friday.


5 Responses

  1. snickering to meself… your pop culture references tickling me. sigh. back to work….

  2. Hopefully listening to some Operation Mindcrime while you’re at it!

    I’m curious… I’ll have my eyes on my feedreader to see what you’re up to.

  3. :cheer: :cheer: the countdown is on. *woot woot* I can’t wait! :yeyas:

  4. :banghead: :tpoccy: :yoduh: :troopah: :tease: :pullhair: :evillol: :teef: :s1sheep: Sorry but your smilies are so nice that I started to play after having laughed very much about your 13 things ! (that’s the child in me, I need a psy !)

  5. :freak:

    This one is still my favorite. And rather resembles me today.

    Our youngest has yet to stop weeping because the cats are having their operations.


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