All You Braincells Are Belongs To Us

Yes, I do know most of you won’t get that subject line. Sorry. It has a history I wouldn’t know how to explain.

Same token, I need to vent about something some of you will understand, some won’t. I call it the Free Radical Character. This is the character who has a very important part to play, but refuses to play it. S/He springs forth from the muse’s posterior with their own ideas and won’t be taking suggestions from the typist, thank you very much.

Now, I understand what FRCs represent. They’re the result of my covetous planner aspirations when I am, alas, an incurable pantser. I pre-planned too much, and an FRC is really my subconscious doing this: :ptalol:

Meanwhile, I’m doing this: :pullhair:

Quite unfair to hold an entire draft hostage just because some rude little figment of my imagination has his neuro-receptical-knickers in a twist.

Yeah, I know. :drama: But careful, the Drama Queen Sceptre does 1500 DPS (not counting the :bigbaby: PROC) and can leave a really big bruise.

Someone please direct me to the Anti-Oxident Chargen. :sneer:


3 Responses

  1. hahahhaaaaa! (coffee spew)
    this is so dang funny! you need to read Jill Christine’s blog. Her characters run rampant.

  2. :binky:

    Perhaps you’re sharing my brain cell? So sorry if you are. :flowers:

  3. I think I broke it, Rae.

    Rhi, I went over there =) Bookmarked her. If I’d had more time this weekend I’d have poked around a bit more. See you over there one day soon.

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