And There Was Much Rejoicing

Trick has made his way back to Immi, who will one day soon have something to do with her time. :teef: Cheeky little thing, isn’t she?

The book’s been sent off just in time for multiple birthdays, so I will be scarce this weekend while I eat too much cake and spoil the munchkins rotten.

Possibly go kill some stormtroopers and make some droids, too. But you did not hear that from me. Got it?:pwnjoo:


4 Responses

  1. :flowers:

    YES! Trick is one step closer to living at my house! :yeyas:

    :yoduh: Lick him all over, I will.

    (Umm…note to self: Get more screen protector sheets for iPaq)

  2. whoot!

    Trick is lickable, indeed. Can’t wait to read it. And poor Immi, I bet really traumatized her to break all Emma’s fingers and threaten to sic a dozen rabid goats on her just to get the manuscript free from the author death grip.

  3. I… But…

    Moooooooooooooooom! Mel’s making fun of me again!

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