Wordless Wednesday 1

Wordless Wednesday

Poor Princess Magi

[blenza_autolink ww]


6 Responses

  1. Looks like that left paw really packs a punch.

  2. Looks like someone’s stuck!

  3. Nice. Forcing your kids, OR your pets into a sport or activity that’s more your choice than theirs is not fair for a parent or pet owner to do. Deal with the fact that the cat doesn’t like ballet, and that they will follow their own path of happiness. 😉
    Kidding…what an adorable cat! It doesn’t look too happy at the moment though…


  4. Oh what we do to our beloved pets. Then we laugh and laugh. We just can’t help ourselves…

  5. Too cute!! I used to dress up my cat in doll dresses. He didn’t like it so much. But I LOVE that photo. :o)

  6. Note: When playing with the digital camera, make sure you do not catch your baby brother in the picture holding an unhappy cat.

    You WILL get yelled at. A lot.

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