The Week in Preview

I was making yet another to-do list for this week. :hemi:

Then I got bored. Thought I’d have some fun with it and consult the Magic Eightball sidebar gadget for the odds on me actually getting any of this stuff done.

1. Finish last bits of editing on Trick and get him passed back to Immi.

:8ball: says: “I have my doubts”
Author’s ruling: :s1lies:

2. Get back to work on Lake Midnight and unscrew the heroine.

:8ball: says: “Not now”
Author’s ruling: :wtf:

3. Compile all my stuff for the new Romantic Suspense blog site

:8ball: says: “Do pigs have wings?”
Author’s ruling: It would appear so. :pigfly:

4. Figure out how to create image link in php

:8ball: says: “You can count on it”
Author’s ruling: :poo:

5. Get rid of the flu

:8ball: says: “Absolutely”
Author’s ruling: :yeyas:

6. Retain sanity throughout plumbing inspection (the house’s plumbing, perv)

:8ball: says: “Keep Dreaming”
Author’s ruling: :freak:

We’ll have to see how the :8ball: did next week.


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