Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Places I’d Like to Hide Out, and Why

A recent convo posed the question of where we’d run to if we were ever in trouble. Not surprisingly, the ideas veered off into the silly and improbable. Here’s my list of potential hiding places:

    1. A Vikings Game: Few would willingly endure the agony for a shot at me.

    2. The Mall of America: If the people after me were male, this is the first place I’d go. Men loathe malls. Plus I’m short, and good luck finding me hiding in the Vera Wang racks.

    3. My grandmother’s old barn: No one would ever find it, and I could pass the time playing the scratch game. You know the one. You’ve got your rope-swing in the hayloft, chalkboard set up at the appropriate place. Whoever manages to make the most tally marks before you swing back, wins. (You just have to watch out for nails sticking out of the floor for when you’re laughing so hard you fall backwards and snag your hair on them. Ow).

    4. Tiffany’s: Okay, so it’s the first place anyone would look for me, but sometimes the obvious choice is too obvious, ya know?

    5. The Smithsonian Natural History Museum: Don’t waste your time in the Minerals exhibit. I won’t be there. Honestly.

    6. Don King’s hair: No one would ever find me up in there. And I doubt anyone would be real eager to conduct a search, either.

    7. In a John Sandford novel: Impossible, but I’d still get to hang with Lucas.

    8. Inside whatever drawer holds the Deathly Hollows manuscript: I did mention these weren’t terribly serious, didn’t I? Although if this were possible, I suspect that would be one very crowded drawer.

    9. Inside the nearest Mexican restaurant: Sorry. I’m hungry.

    10. At a Godiva Chocolate factory: Hmm. Maybe I’d better go eat something.

    11. The ethics room at a political convention: Self-explanatory.

    12. Directly behind whoever was looking for me: A wise choice, I should think.

    13. Behind the cat box: Seriously. Who would ever want to look there? And God knows I’m the only one in this house who’s ever gone near one.

So there’s my hiding places. Where would you hide if you could?

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9 Responses

  1. 1. A Vikings Game: Few would willingly endure the agony for a shot at me.


  2. Tiffany’s…mmmm….. :freak:

  3. *glares at Shan* she knows I’m a Vikings fan, damn her. *shaking fist*

    And I love those John Sandford novels. Not only would you be able to hang with Lucas, you’d be able to ride in his cars and play his video games!

  4. I’m still a little grossed out at the cat box thing. LOL But I hear ya on being the only one to go near gross things that need cleaned. *eyes hamster cage*

    I saw the drool first hand at Tiffany’s and if I’m not mistaken, there was a little chocolate in it. LOL

  5. There is no greater burden in life than being a Vikings fan, I swear. As to Lucas, I would happily play with whatever he asked. :drool:

    Speaking of drool, y’all were great sports on the shiny sojourn that day, Rae. Man was that fun. Let’s do that again lol

  6. oh, i could go for hiding at the Mall of America…

  7. This list is hysterical!!! And does #11 even exist?

    Awesome TT! Thank you!

  8. OMG! You have a totally awesome list! I never would have thought of half of those. I’m choosing a cruise ship to hide out on. Lots and lots of places to go. LOL.

  9. Fabulous list! I think I’ll be joining you in some of these locales — if only for some peace and quiet away from the darling children! 🙂

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