Poll Time

All right. So I’m washing child hair this morning while Booger is attacking my feet.

And for some odd reason, a tag pops into my head.

“Dreams come true. So do nightmares.”



4 Responses

  1. Well, dear, it beats a lot of those on your prior list. Back away from the cold medicine, caffeine and chocolate, m’dear.

    You should do a contest. Offer up a $10 gift cert to MBAM or evena box o’chocolate to get tag line ideas.

    Of course, I’m thinking…*eyeroll*
    “Live by the edge of your seat, love with all of your heart.”
    “Live dangerously, love ________” spontaneously? I really can’t think of what sound *right* there.
    “Experience the passion and peril of EWP’s powerful romances”
    ARRGH..make it stop. (Back to work with me)

  2. Hmm…sounds a little “horror” rather than “suspense”.

    Love on the brink of danger.

    Yeah, I so suck at this, which would be why I still don’t have one.

  3. Ugh. It’s very hard to come up with these things. It’s so… permanent, ya know?

  4. I like that a lot, but Shannon’s right–as an author tag line it’s horror rather than suspense. It could be fab for a single book, though.

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