Tag Lines

I’m still trying to come up with one of these dang things. I seem to have much better luck coming up with supremely awful ideas.

Some highlights:

    1. Look Mom! No Pants!: Don’t even ask how that atrocity took form.
    2. Love Letters from the Edge: What? Is everyone in rehab or something?
    3. Love Letters from the Razor’s Edge: Great. Now we’re in rehab and suicidal.
    4. When Imaginary Friends Attack: Self explanatory.
    5. Tag me for a chance to win FREE BOOKS FOR LIFE: Desperation can get ugly.
    6. Romance might not always come first, but the heroine always will: *slaps hand over eyes*
    7. There is nothing to fear but the tag itself: *blink*
    8. Something complicated this way comes…: Accurate, but…
    9. (Your Tag Here for only 19.99 a Month. But wait! There’s more!): Okay. Now I think we may be taking this marketing thing a bit too far.

This is hard. Maybe I need a nap.


5 Responses

  1. Okay, no. 8 is *definitely* my favourite. ROFL

  2. I’m sure I can’t imagine why 😉

  3. Is this a tag line for you–like a brand?

  4. A-yup.

    Every time I hear the word ‘branding’ I think of long-handled, super-heated metal instruments aimed at my posterior.

    *backs slowly away from Raecy*

  5. LMAO.

    I’d never get near you with a hot, scalding object–at least not on purpose, but hey, you could use that in a book! You on the other hand have zapped me with a taser one too many times…

    I’m still tryan’ to figger’ out what mine is. Dee is the one who tossed up Romance With A Giggle…I really, really loved Romance, funny side up with sizzle, but someone beat me to the punch. *hangs head*

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