I’m what?

Dang, I’m old today, but I’m in good company 😀

Happy B-day to me, Mandy Roth, Maggie Casper, and Immi Housen!

/toss confetti at self


8 Responses

  1. Whooot! Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Hope you blow out the candles and all your wishes come through. And dang, wonder if that old Oded in the shower striptease is still on one of my disks.. Maybe latah I’ll get him to do another 😀

  2. Oded in the shower striptease?

    *thousand-yard drool*

    What did I come here for? Oh yeah…

    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. mmmmm Oded

    *crumples up postit with wordpress password and eats it*

  4. Oh sure. Start talking about Oded. And should I bring up Vin, too? Then I’ll start thinking about Pierce. Now my day is toast.

    I remember the good ole days, when life was simpler…hehehe.

    Happy Birthday, darlin. May the next year bring dreams come true!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    If you hold me, I’ll hold you and we can cry about getting older. LMAO

  6. Happy birthday super-author!

  7. Thanks, ladies. Electricians and contractors aside, it was a fun day.

    Now I need to go find emoticons of an old bitty whacking smilies with her cane.

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