Office 2007

Compatability headaches aside, how’s everybody feeling about this?

I upgraded this week, and for me it was worth it for the reviewing tab (in place of the 200 reviewing toolbars) alone. And I’m someone who does not handle changes in my writing environment very well.

If you beta’d or already upgraded, what’s the verdict?


2 Responses

  1. I’m trying to get used to it. I really like a LOT about it and I hate just as many things. It seems like more steps to go through to save a doc the way I want it and it took me some time to figure out how to set it up to auto work in the RTF format I prefer. I also made a few other tweaks to it that once done made a world of difference.

    I really like the blog file feature. I love being able to type in there, upload to my blog spot and have it sit in draft form until I can get to it. I also like the enhanced dictionary/ref/style guide set up they’ve done.

    I can’t get the extension they offer for making LIT files to work with 2007 though. I keep having to pull out my old laptop and run it from that since it has Office XP on it. I’d love to see them fix that issue.

    geesh…I talk a lot..

    Shutting up now.


  2. You know, I was okay with everything until I tried to ‘copy’ the Samhain template today.

    Man, do I miss the nice pulldown menus sometimes. I bet the developers secretly call the new layout the “Users are TSTL style”

    I haven’t tried the blog thing yet. Someday, perhaps, when I’m not freaking out about where they’ve hidden the linespacing doohinky, I’ll try it.

    Very adventurous of us to be the guinea pigs, I think *flex*

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