Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things overheard in Emmatyville last night during Idol…

(Posted this a bit early in preparation for the Thursday list of 13,000 things I need to do tomorrow)

  1. Someone poke her with a pitchfork. She’s done.
  2. I hate it when the hackup band drowns out the choking sounds.
  3. Why are they even on this show? I mean, how is that fair to the like…mortals up there? (re: Lakisha and Melinda)
  4. Are Valentines really funny? Why is she smiling? Does anyone get why she’s smiling? Oh, that’s right. Because she just pwnt Lakisha a little in the face.
  5. Put that cat down. No one’s really stepping on her tail. It’s just a figure of speech.
  6. Just when you thought Celine wasn’t utter torture…
  7. I thought applause said applesauce. (Best comment all night, re: captioning, which is permanently stuck on my office’s tv)
  8. Oh, just lay back and think of Taylor.
  9. God love ya’, Randy. Amen. (re: Jordin being phenomenal for a 17 yr old)
  10. SSSSSsssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh! Stephanie’s on.
  11. Is Sundance gone yet? (re: Tuesday’s blasphemous rendition of Mustang Sally)
  12. Oh I love this song! I really want to like this girl. (re: Leslie)
  13. Go hoooooooooooooooome.

We may sound vitriolic, but we really do want these people to bring the house down. I think the reason we’re especially ornery this year is because the top five are so obvious, this all feels like wasted time. *sigh*

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