And the winner is…

Cat Picture

It’s award season. This year, we’ve had a landslide victory in the WORST PET PICTURE EVER category.

Princess Magi looks nothing like that. Honestly. And it’s impossible to determine whether she’s merely enjoying a diva moment, or desperately needs to put down the royal catnip pipe.

Of course, it could be that she’s just supremely annoyed the house is still torn up. Or maybe she should be drawn with derelict-debris around her head and only say “Aaack!”

Then again, she might smell kerosene on the offending photographer’s jeans.

Hard to say. Regardless, ladies and gentlemen, congratulate our winner for worst picture.

Tomorrow, we’ll ignore the restraining order to post the winner in OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN APOCALYPTIC HERALDRY BY A PET.

[Addendum: Due to the inability to make Booger sit still in the appropriate position to capture said heraldry, we may need another restraining order. Stay tuned.]


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