Forgive me, butt…

True Love

Sorry, Brian. Someone sent this to das husband and…

I just can’t stop laughing.

I know it might be considered an assinine blog topic, and quite cheeky of me to post it. Some might even be insulted to find romance books as the butt of this particular joke. But come on–I derriere you not to crack up.

And for all we know, this could be some backdoor book distributor who’ll turn out to be huge one day. Sure, he’s in arrears and moonlights as a plumber now, but you know what they say… Today’s bum could be tomorrow’s executive editor.

He might even find the next Rumpelstiltskin buried in the slush pile.


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  1. […] I’m necroing this picture, just for fun today. It always makes me laugh. Feel slightly nauseated, too, but a girl can’t have everything. […]

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