United Free Press Socialist Republic

This is gonna be quick because I have a lot of work to do, but today we’re having a look at the People’s Choice Awards:

Quick rundown…

Favorite Movie, Favorite Movie Drama: Pirates, Dead Man’s Chest

But… where have all the votes gone? I love these movies. Grats, guys.

Favorite Family Movie: Cars

Excellent movie, but I have that Cheryl Crow song stuck in my head 24/7. Someone make it stop.

Favorite Male Movie Star: Johnny Depp

Yar. Just… yar.

Favorite Leading Lady: Cameron Diaz

Love her. Plus I always wondered where Sly Stallone’s backhair went.

Favorite Leadine Man: Vince Vaughn

Bender much?

Favorite Female TV Star: Eva Longoria

Cute as a button. But about that dress…

Favorite Male TV Star: Patrick Dempsey

Mmm mmm mmm. Still gorgeous after all these years. Remember about 3 years ago in GB chat when I was lusting over him? Well… ha!

Favorite Group: Nickelback


Have a good Wednesday


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