Thursday 13

13 Things Found On My Desk:

  1. The cat bed. God help us all when it’s in the wash.
  2. Paganini, cat #1, who’s sitting on my mouse, refusing to move until he’s been fed to his satisfaction.
  3. Booger, cat #2, who’s waiting for Paganini to move so he can sneak past him into the cat bed.
  4. Magi, cat #3, who’s perched on top of my computer tower, contemplating ways of best launching herself onto my head for ponytail-attack purposes.
  5. Grassroots In Good Hands ™ lotion. I cannot live without it.
  6. A tanker of Diet Dew.
  7. The ever-present stack of notebooks that should soon be eligible for skyscraper status.
  8. Penholder with one pen left in it. How generous of my children to have left me one.
  9. My copy of Eragon that I’m not allowed to read until I’ve reached the halfway point of current WIP. Evil, vile temptation.
  10. Allergy meds. Yeah. I’m a geek.
  11. 15 ponytail holders.� No wonder I can never find any in my room.
  12. A picture of an umbrella. Some of you know why it’s there 😉
  13. Notes on how to get rid of this blog format. Holy boring, Batman.



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